Meetings are held   Bi - monthly Eg March, May second Monday mornings  at 10.30am  

Originally known as the Ladies Fellowship years ago we are now known as the Adult Fellowship since some men have joined the group. The actual role of the Fellowship hasn’t really changed that much over the years apart from the title. 
Our numbers have decreased basically through age. However even though the membership is not large the group is a vital driving force. 
The meetings now are not so structured, committees are hard to form these days, so we are happy to be more of a Social group that is still ready to serve in any way we can.

Mainly now we are limited to catering, with the help of the willing
ladies in the Congregation, for light refreshments  after Thanksgiving Services and funerals. This enables us to show our caring, loving
support for our Church families and friends.
If you would like to join us you would be greeted with open arms.
 God Bless!
Contact Sheila Craig  Phone: 0487 893 186